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Acceptance method of power roller line

After the equipment is purchased, it will involve an acceptance problem. Each company has a different acceptance method for each company, but for some small and medium-sized enterprises, the acceptance methods and procedures are not yet complete, and the acceptance problem is not easy at this time. Solve, the following Ai Xun will share with you some of the power roller assembly line acceptance methods for reference.
1. Each roller on the conveyor should rotate flexibly.
2. The conveyor should run smoothly and reliably. There should be no obvious pulsation or jamming in the transmission parts such as chains, and the driving device should have no abnormal vibration.
3. When the conveyor is running, its overall noise should not be greater than 75dB.
4. The moving section of the conveyor should be provided with a positioning device at its extreme position to prevent it from rotating or falling by itself.
5. The curve section of the conveyor should be equipped with protection and guidance devices.
6, the chain transmission parts should be set up with a protective cover.
7. The tensioning device should be adjusted flexibly without jamming.
8. The driving device should run smoothly, with good lubrication, and there should be no oil leakage in the reducer.
The above are a few methods summarized by Ai Xun regarding the acceptance of the power roller line. If you want to know how to solve the problem of belt line spreading , please click the link to visit.

Category: Industry knowledge Update: 2016-3-9

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