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Solutions to the problem of belt line deviation

The problem of belt line deviation is a problem encountered by many users who use belt lines. Generally, such problems will affect production to a certain extent. If it is to be resolved by the after-sales personnel of the supplier, it will inevitably produce production time and efficiency Adverse effects, below, Ai Xun will share with you the quick solution to the belt line deviation problem, so that you can earn time for production.
First, the driving shaft can be knurled, and the driving and driven shafts can be drum-shaped to prevent the belt from drifting.
Second, the bottom surface of the belt is made into a trapezoidal track. And the master and slave shafts are processed into a form that meshes with the trapezoidal rail of the belt.
Third, the two ends of the belt are made into the shape of a track, and the main and driven shafts are rotated in the two ends of the belt.
In addition to the above three solutions, Aixun staff also concluded that the belt tightening device will also affect the deviation of the belt during the normal work process. This requires attention to the process and details during the production of the belt line. This can prevent the belt line from drifting to a certain extent.

Category: Industry Knowledge Update: 2016-3-2

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