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 Tray conveyor
 roller conveyor
roller conveyor
Roller conveyor is a very wide range of pallet transport equipment, generally used for the connection between packaging equipment and transportation, because the pallet goods are generally heavy goods, so this kind of roller conveyor generally uses 76 or 89 mm diameter thick drum, at the same time, the drum
 Conveyor chain
Chain conveyor
The chain conveyor is a kind of special product in the conveyor. It mainly depends on the motor to drive the chain to drive the goods forward. The biggest advantage of the chain conveyor is that it is stable. Therefore, it is mostly used to transport the tray packaging of wine bottles, bricks and other scattered articles, and the chain conveyor bears load
 Electric turntable
Electric turntable
The electric turntable is mostly used with roller conveyor to transfer the goods without changing the direction of the goods. It is mainly used for various packaging lines of articles. The surface of the electric turntable is roller, and the bottom is driven by motor
 Transfer machine
Transfer machine
The transfer machine is mainly aimed at pallet transfer, transfer machine and electric turntable have similar functions, they are the role of changing the path of goods, but the biggest difference between the two is that the electric turntable does not change the direction of the goods, but the transfer opportunity changes the movement of the goods