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DZ600 / 2SF recessed vacuum packaging machine

DZ600 / 2SF recessed vacuum packaging machine

真空包装机 是在原有相同规格包装机的基础上加深真空室,同时下凹设计,能使汤汤水水的东西不至于流到设备的外面。 The recessed vacuum packaging machine is to deepen the vacuum chamber on the basis of the original packaging machine of the same specification. At the same time, the recessed design can prevent the stuff from flowing into the equipment. An overflow port is provided at the bottom of the lower groove. Can be cleaned regularly. 60 立方 / 小时或以上。 The vacuum pumps generally mounted on this machine are relatively large, at least 60 cubic meters / hour or more.

Main Specifications:

L700*W610*175mm Vacuum chamber size: L700 * W610 * 175mm

600*8mm*2 Sealing size: 600 * 8mm * 2

490mm Center distance: 490mm

180~300 / 小时 Packaging efficiency: 180 ~ 300 times / hour

L1405*W725*H1000 Dimensions: L1405 * W725 * H1000

380V50Hz Power: 380V50Hz

L1550*W850*H1070mm Packing size: L1550 * W850 * H1070mm

3kw Average power consumption: 3kw

400kg Machine weight: 400kg

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