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Packing steel strip

High-strength packed steel strip refers to hot-rolled coils, cold-rolled coils, galvanized coils, color-coated coils, pickled plates, wires, rods, welded pipes, zinc ingots, aluminum ingots, aluminum materials, Packing steel strips used when bundling steel materials such as steel strands and non-metal materials such as glass and cotton. Has good plasticity (elongation and elasticity). JISG 3141 (日本标准)、 A5 DIN 50114 (德国标准)和中国标准 YB/T025-2002 中的 800 1000MPa 各种强度级别,完全满足手动、半自动和自动打捆的要求。 Product performance meets various strength levels of 800 to 1000 MPa in JISG 3141 (Japanese standard), A5 DIN 50114 (German standard) and Chinese standard YB / T025-2002 , fully meeting the requirements of manual, semi-automatic and automatic bundling.

0.3-1.0 12-32 mm ,每盘 50kg ,由两小盘组成, Specification ( 0.3-1.0 ) ( 12-32 ) mm , 50kg per plate , consisting of two small plates ,   Each small plate has a head, so it is also called a jointless strap.

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