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Strapex, Switzerland

Strapex, Switzerland

Strapex : ( omitted)

Swiss Strapex Company Profile

Strapex was founded in 1955 and is an international company based in Switzerland. It has branches in 10 countries and 4,000 employees. It provides packaging system solutions and services for manufacturing products. Strapex offers a complete range of products, from packaging equipment, packaging tools to services. Support supply chains for various industries.

Strapex products, packaging tools, machinery and packaging materials:

Tape packing system

Fully automatic baler production line

Automatic baler

Modular packaging system

Electric portable packing tool

Power storage manual packing tool

Pneumatic portable packing tool

Steel strapping system

Packing equipment for the steel industry

Manual / Manual Iron Buckle Packing Tool

Pneumatic / Manual Buttonless Packaging Tool

Strapex official website http://www.Strapex.com

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Disclaimer: The company is not a brand agent and only sells some imported products. Therefore, the company only provides technical support for imported products it sells, and does not provide technical support for any imported products other than this. If necessary, please contact the brand headquarters. Its official website is as described above.

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