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Cyklop, Germany

Cyklop, Germany

OR-50(OR-T83)半自动PET塑钢带捆扎机,OR-T200/OR-T300充电式PET塑钢带捆扎机,OR-H47免扣钢带打包机,分离式气动钢带打包机(OR-V40P气动式夹扣器,OR-V41P气动锁扣机,CR-208P气动式束紧器),CR-25A小组合式气动钢带打包机,CR-26A气动组合式钢带捆扎机。 ORGAPACK : OR-50 (OR-T83) semi-automatic PET plastic steel strapping machine, OR-T200 / OR-T300 rechargeable PET plastic steel strapping machine, OR-H47 buckle-free steel strapping machine, separate pneumatic steel strapping machine ( OR-V40P pneumatic clamp, OR-V41P pneumatic locking machine, CR-208P pneumatic tightener), CR-25A small combined pneumatic steel strapping machine, CR-26A pneumatic combined steel strapping machine
P322/P323(P320/P321)充电式PET塑钢带捆扎机,P350/P355/P356气动塑钢带打捆机,P300电动免扣塑钢带(PET)打包机,P403/P404手动塑钢带(PET)打包机,A332/A333/A335/A337/A338手提免扣钢带打包机,A3H/A380/A383/A385/A390/A391气动免扣钢带打捆机,A480/A482/A483气动钢带打捆机(组合式),A452气动拉紧器,A461气动锁扣机(分离式气动钢带捆扎机)。 FROMM: P322 / P323 (P320 / P321) Rechargeable PET plastic steel strapping machine, P350 / P355 / P356 pneumatic plastic steel strapping machine, P300 electric buckle-free plastic steel strap (PET) strapping machine, P403 / P404 manual plastic steel strap (PET ) Baler, A332 / A333 / A335 / A337 / A338 portable buckle-free strapping machine, A3H / A380 / A383 / A385 / A390 / A391 pneumatic buckle-free strapping machine, A480 / A482 / A483 pneumatic strapping Bundling machine (combined), A452 pneumatic tensioner, A461 pneumatic locking machine (separate pneumatic steel strapping machine).

About Cyklop Group

The German Cyklop Group is one of the largest packaging groups in the world. The company was founded in 1912 and has a history of more than 90 years. It is a multinational company specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, production and sales of packaging machinery and packaging materials. Headquartered in Cologne, Germany, it has branches, factories and agents in 50 countries including Europe, America and Asia Pacific. It has 12,000 employees.

CYKLOP's global headquarters is located in Cologne, which is the German packaging equipment and packaging material production and logistics service center.

In order to better participate in China's economic construction and provide domestic customers with more quality and cheaper products and services, Hong Kong Sike Co., Ltd. formally established Shanghai Representative Office and Guangzhou Office in May 2002 and the end of 2004, responsible for Sales and after-sales service of SEC products in mainland China.

As early as the 1980s, SEC packaging products have entered various domestic industries, providing many customers with internationally advanced packaging tools, mechanical equipment and materials, and undertaking a number of engineering projects with special packaging requirements, winning a large number of The trust and support of customers become our long-term partners. In addition to providing customers with technology and equipment, a technically professional, experienced, enthusiastic and frank maintenance team will provide customers with timely and professional after-sales service.

Cyclop Official Website http://www.Cyklop.com

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Disclaimer: The company is not a brand agent and only sells some imported products. Therefore, the company only provides technical support for imported products it sells, and does not provide technical support for any imported products other than this. If necessary, please contact the brand headquarters. Its official website is as described above.

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