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中国大陆主销产品: ZAPAK main products in mainland China:

带打包机 T-66 portable electric pp strapping machine

带粘结王打包机 T-99 portable electric pp / pet with bonding king baler

带通用型打包机 T-320 portable electric pp / pet with universal baler

带强力型打包机 T-321 portable electric pp / pet with powerful baler

公司简介 Taiwan zapak company profile

    )股份有限公司位于中国台湾省台北市。 Taiwan Pantech ( Pantech ) Co., Ltd. is located in Taipei, Taiwan. One of the world's three major portable electric strapping machines

    年,初期只有35名员工,主要做组装工作。 The company was founded in 1961 and initially had only 35 employees, mainly for assembly work. 年代公司由OEM经营型态改型为ODM研发,自创品牌zapak拓展东南亚和欧美市场。 In the 1980s , the company changed from OEM business model to ODM research and development, and created its own brand zapak to expand Southeast Asian and European and American markets. With excellent quality, excellent service in   Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions   ,Southeast Asia   , Oceania, Europe, America and even the global market.

     台湾自动打包机王国"之美誉,跻身于世界三大手提式捆包机制造厂之列(亚洲唯一)自创研发zapak品牌全自动手提式捆包机享誉全球 Nowadays, with its large scale, strong technical force, complete types, and specialized services, it is known as the " Taiwan Automatic Baler Kingdom " and ranks among the world's three largest portable baler manufacturers ( only in Asia ) Self -developed zapak brand full-automatic portable strapping machine enjoys worldwide reputation

    Main products: portable strapping machines, computer peripheral products and various household and office office equipment and tools.


官方通讯方式: Taiwan ZAPAK official communication method:

company name   Pan source co., Ltd.

231 台北縣新店市中正路 538 1 4 Address 231 4F , No. 1 , Lane 538, Zhongzheng Road, Xindian City, Taipei County

886-2-2219-7878 Phone886-2-2219-7878

886-2-2219-7272 Fax: 886-2-2219-7272

www.zapak.com.tw Website www.zapak.com.tw

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Disclaimer: The company is not a brand agent and only sells some imported brand products. Therefore, the company only provides technical support for imported products it sells, and does not provide technical support for any imported products other than this. If necessary, please contact the brand headquarters. Its official website is as described above.

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