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Push line

Principle description:

The transfer of stations is realized by manual method. Model types include: steel structure, aluminum structure for edge protection; single belt, bilateral. Optional options: air pipe, fan, process card holder, instrument panel, socket, tool box, etc. The length of the assembly line can be customized according to customer requirements. The medium can be fluent or a roller. Widely used in electronics, plastics, food and other industries.

Technical indicators:

1, plate chain

2.Parts box

3, trunking


5.Drag the chain

6, rail

7, trachea

8.Stationary stand

9.Adjustable tripod

Technical index


Indicators and parameters

Body length (L1)

Selected according to customer process needs

Line body width (B)

Selected according to customer process needs

Chain pitch

50.8, 100

Single station length (L2)

Selected according to customer process needs

Working surface height (H)

750mm 25mm (selected value)

Running speed

V = 0.5-15m / min (recommended: mechanical fixed type, electromagnetic speed regulation type, frequency conversion speed regulation type)

Operation mode

Continuous, beat

Conveying media

Flat chain

Scope of application

Product assembly, transportation, and debugging of mechanical and electrical appliances

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