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Plate chain assembly line

Plate chain assembly line
Principle description:
The chain plate is used to drag the workpiece to perform the plane conveying motion to achieve the purpose of the production process. The assembly line adopts a combined assembly mode, and the number of work stations can be set according to process requirements. The station is equipped with power sockets, tool boxes, material boxes, etc., so that the entire process is express and orderly.
Technical indicators:

、板链 1 , plate chain

、零件料盒 2.Parts box

、线槽 3 Trunking

、工具箱 4.Toolbox

、拖动链条 5.Drag the chain

、导轨 6 , guide

、气管 7 , trachea

、工位支架 8 , station stand

、可调脚架 9 , adjustable feet


Indicators and parameters

Body length (L1)

Selected according to customer process needs

Line body width (B)

Selected according to customer process needs

Chain pitch

100 50.8 , 100

Single station length (L2)

Selected according to customer process needs

Working surface height (H)

750mm 25mm 推选值) ( Selected value )

Running speed

V = 0.5 -15m 推荐:机械固定式、电磁调速式、变频调速式) / min ( recommended: mechanical fixed type, electromagnetic speed regulation type, frequency conversion speed regulation type )

Operation mode

Continuous, beat

Conveying medium

Flat chain

Scope of application

Product assembly, transportation, and debugging of mechanical and electrical appliances

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