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MH-104A Automatic strapping machine

MH-104A Automatic strapping machine

Performance characteristics:

It is suitable for automatic packing of particularly wide items. It is widely used in packaging, boxing, stand-alone operation of household appliances, light industry, food, department stores, medicine, printing, post and telecommunications, chemical, textile and other industries. It can also be used in conjunction with the assembly line.

Features of the machine: This machine is a fully automatic packing equipment. When working, you only need to move the packaging to the work surface, and you can touch the automatic switch on the work surface to pack automatically. According to packaging requirements, the number of packages can be selected, and various models such as power type or side type can be designed according to the user's production line to meet the requirements of different users. Qingdao Yongchuang provides a variety of carton packers, automatic carton packers, automatic carton packers

Technical Parameters:

Power, power:

380V / 50HZ 750W / 5A

Packaging speed:

≤2.5 seconds / channel

Countertop height:


Frame size:

≥800mm * height depends on need

Bundle form:

1 ~ to the road in parallel, the method is a bit moving, manual continuous play, continuous play, ball switch, foot switch

Applicable strap:

Thick (0.55 ~ 1.2) mm * Width (9 ~ 15) mm (actually customized)

Electrical configuration:

LG "PLC" control, French "TE", Japanese "OMRON", "ZIK" appliances are suitable for particularly wide items.

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