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STB-63 Portable Electric Packer

STB-63 Portable Electric Packer

STB-63 characteristics

Strapex 公司旗下产品,目前该产品已经停产,其升级产品为 stb-70 stb-80 This is an outstanding portable electric baler product. It is a product of Swiss Strapex Company. At present, this product has been discontinued. Its upgrade products are stb-70 and stb-80 . Portable electric baler .

  • 技术 Swiss Strapex Technology
  • The body (including battery) is only 3.9kg, with good balance, and can be operated with one hand.
  • Can be worn with two straps at the same time.
  • The body is strong, and the STB-63 battery is equipped with safety protection devices.
  • Suitable for PP and PET tapes, no adjustment required.
  • Touch control panel, easy to operate and full-featured.
  • Easy replacement of wearing parts and easy maintenance.
  • Ergonomic handle for easy operation.

STB-63 specifications



Machine size

375 (L) x130 (W) x140 (H) mm

Packing tightness

40 ~ 200kg


PP belt: 12-16 mm wide. 0.6-1mm thick
PET belt: 12-16mm wide. 0.5-1mm thick

power supply

12V. 2.4Ah. battery

Machine weight

3.9kg (including battery)

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