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DZ800 / 2SA (SC) Automatic vacuum machine

DZ800 / 2SA (SC) Automatic vacuum machine

全自动真空包装机属于 双槽式 真空包装机 ,是真空包装机械中较大的一款。 DZ800 / 2S automatic vacuum packaging machine belongs to double tank type vacuum packaging machine , which is the larger one in vacuum packaging machinery . 食品真空包装机械 能自动摆盖,无须人工按下真空盖即自动按程序完成抽真空、封口、冷却、排气的全过程。 The DZ800 / 2S food vacuum packaging machine can automatically swing the lid, and the entire process of vacuuming, sealing, cooling and exhausting is automatically completed according to the program without manually pressing the vacuum lid. 食品真空包装机械 的主要作用是除氧,以有利于防止食品变质。 The main role of DZ800 / 2S food vacuum packaging machinery is to remove oxygen to help prevent food deterioration. The packaged products can prevent oxidation, mildew, moth, moisture, shelf life and freshness to extend the shelf life of the product. 食品真空包装机械 全部为不锈钢,电器部分为进口。 DZ800 / 2S food vacuum packaging machinery is all stainless steel, electrical parts are imported.

肉品、水产食品、农产品、腌渍物、快餐品、调理食品、粉类、香料、电子、五金零件、药品 . Scope of application: meat, aquatic food, agricultural products, pickles, fast food, prepared food, powder, spices, electronics, hardware parts, medicines .

The main technical parameters:

DZ800/2S A Model difference: DZ800 / 2S ( A ) Standard Vacuum Packaging Machine

C DZ800 / 2S ( C ) Automatic swing lid vacuum packaging machine

  Two or six advantages

304# 全不锈钢 304 # full stainless steel      

  Computer board control

  Thickened vacuum chamber steel plate

  Brand Vacuum Pump

  Dual vacuum chambers are more efficient

Automatic swing cover

Third, the technical indicators

920 780 Vacuum outdoor size: 920 780 190mm

640 800 (150~190)mm Vacuum chamber size: 640 800 (150 ~ 190) mm

Sealing size: 8 00mm 4 4

8 Sealing width: 8 -10mm

200-400 / 小时 Packing capacity: 200-400 times / hour

1830*910* Dimensions: 1830 * 910 * 1100mm

380V Power: 380V   50HZ 5.0KW

weight: 800kg

Fourth, optional functions

Inflatable function

Custom vacuum chamber size

, 双封口线可选 Single and double sealing line optional

Vacuum pump domestic, joint venture, import optional

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