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DZ600 / 2S (C) Automatic vacuum packaging machine (automatic swing lid)

DZ600 / 2S (C) Automatic vacuum packaging machine (automatic swing lid)

Product description

全自动真空包装机 抽真空能力很大,适合不同塑料的封口操作如复合食品袋、铝箔袋等。 DZ600 / 2S (C) automatic vacuum packaging machine has a large vacuum pumping capacity, suitable for sealing operations of different plastics, such as composite food bags, aluminum foil bags, etc. 真空包装机 自动完成扣盖,抽真空、封口、冷却、排气的全部操作,该设备 设有数字控制热封时间和过热自动保护报警装置。 Moreover, the automatic vacuum packaging machine has a high degree of automation, and it does not need to manually swing the lid. The vacuum packaging machine can automatically complete the operations of button closure, vacuuming, sealing, cooling, and exhaust. . 全自动真空包装机 通过有关专家机构测定,性能已超过国外同类产品,处在国际领先地位。 The DZ600 / 2S (C) automatic vacuum packaging machine has been tested by relevant expert organizations. Its performance has surpassed similar foreign products and is in the international leading position.

经过包装的产品可防止氧化、霉变、蛀、受潮、可保质、保鲜延长产品储存期限。 This machine is power-saving, small in size, light in weight, versatile in use, and easy to operate. The packaged product can prevent oxidation, mildew, moisturizing, dampness, shelf life, and freshness to extend the shelf life of the product.

适用范围: 肉品、水产食品、农产品、腌渍物、快餐品、调理食品、粉类、香料、电子、五金零件、药品 . Application range of automatic vacuum packaging machine : meat, aquatic food, agricultural products, pickles, fast food, prepared food, powder, spices, electronics, hardware parts, medicines .

Two or six advantages

304# 全不锈钢 304 # full stainless steel      

  Computer board control

  Thickened vacuum chamber steel plate

  Brand Vacuum Pump

  Dual vacuum chambers are more efficient

Automatic swing cover

Third, the technical indicators

700 535 Vacuum outdoor size: 700 535 125mm

495 600 (97~124)mm Vacuum chamber size: 495 600 (97 ~ 124) mm

Sealing size: 6 00mm 4 4

8 Sealing width: 8 -10mm

180-300 / 小时 Packaging capacity: 180-300 times / hour

1405*725* Dimensions: 1405 * 725 * 920mm

380V Power: 380V    50HZ 2.2KW

weight: 380kg

Fourth, optional functions

Inflatable function

Custom vacuum chamber size

, 双封口线可选 Single and double sealing line optional

Vacuum pump domestic, joint venture, import optional

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