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DZ400 / 2S (Small double-chamber food vacuum packaging machine)

DZ400 / 2S (Small double-chamber food vacuum packaging machine)

Product description

和小型真空包装机的工作原理一样 , 都是将产品放入袋子之后 , 真空包装机抽出袋子的空气 , 接着完成封口 , 冷却动作 .DZ400/2S 双室 真空包装机 相对于单室真空包装机来说效率要高出很多 , The working principle of the DZ400 / 2S food vacuum packaging machine is the same as that of the small vacuum packaging machine , after placing the product in the bag , the vacuum packaging machine extracts the air from the bag, and then completes the sealing and cooling action. For single-chamber vacuum packaging machines, the efficiency is much higher .

主要是利用食物霉腐变质的原理把微生物 ( 导制食品变质的元素 ) 赖以生存的氧气抽掉 , 从而达到 , 防霉腐及防氧化的功能 . 食品真空包装机价格 适中 , 价格性价比高 . The food vacuum packaging machine mainly uses the principle of food mold decay to extract the oxygen that microorganisms ( the elements that guide the food spoil ) rely on for survival , so as to achieve the function of anti-mildew and oxidation . Food vacuum packaging machine is moderately priced , Price is high .

: Scope of application : Meat, aquatic food, agricultural products, pickles, fast food, prepared food, powder, spices, electronics, hardware parts, medicine

Two and five advantages

整机 304# 全不锈钢 1.The whole machine 304 # full stainless steel      

电脑板控制 Computer board control

加厚真空室钢板 3.Thickened vacuum chamber steel plate

品牌真空泵 4.Brand vacuum pump

双真空室效率更高 5.Double vacuum chambers are more efficient

Third, the technical indicators

500 460 Vacuum outdoor size: 500 460 110mm

345 400 (80~110)mm Vacuum chamber size: 345 400 (80 ~ 110) mm

Sealing size: 400mm 4 4

8 Sealing width: 8 -10mm

60-180 / 小时 Packing capacity: 60-180 times / hour

1030 635 Dimensions: 1030 635 850mm

380V 220V Power supply: 380V ( 220V )    50HZ 1KW

weight: 150kg

Fourth, optional function:

1.Inflatable function

380V,220V 可选 2, voltage 380V, 220V optional

3.Custom vacuum chamber size

, 双封口线可选 4.Single or double sealing line optional

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