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DZ400 / 2L (small vacuum packaging machine)

DZ400 / 2L (small vacuum packaging machine)

product description

DZ400 / 2L 真空包装机 中较经济实惠的一款,它不但使用方便,而且能耗较小。 The small vacuum packaging machine is a more economical and affordable type of vacuum packaging machine , which is not only easy to use, but also consumes less energy. DZ400 / 2L 只有一个真空室,它是对装完包装袋的食品放入真空室真内,抽出真空室及袋子的空气,抽真空后,完成封口动作。 The small vacuum packaging machine has only one vacuum chamber. It puts the packed food into the vacuum chamber, extracts the air from the vacuum chamber and the bag, and completes the sealing action after vacuuming. DZ400 / 2L Small vacuum packaging machine can be equipped with single-phase or three-phase electricity.

Four advantages

  304# 全不锈钢 304 # full stainless steel      

  Computer board control

  Thickened vacuum chamber steel plate

  Brand vacuum pump

Technical index

500 Vacuum outdoor size: 500 X 460 110mm

:385 400 (80~110)mm Vacuum chamber size : 385 400 (80 ~ 110) mm

Sealing length: 400mm 2 2

8 Sealing width: 8 -10mm

60-160 / 小时 Packing capacity: 60-160 times / hour

520 515 Dimensions: 520 515 910mm

380V 220V Power supply: 380V ( 220V )    50HZ 0.9KW

weight: 80kg

Optional function

Inflatable function

380V,220V 可选 Voltage 380V, 220V optional

Custom vacuum chamber size

, 双封口线可选 Single and double sealing line optional

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