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BSD3520A / 4020A / 4525A tableware shrinking machine

BSD3520A / 4020A / 4525A tableware shrinking machine

Product Features:

BSD3520A / 4020A / 4525A tableware shrinking machine is dedicated to tableware heat shrinking , of which 4020 tableware heat shrink packaging machine is widely used in the catering industry. The perfect choice for the catering industry. This series of shrinking machines are widely used in shrink packaging of food, beverages, candy, stationery, hardware tools, daily necessities, chemical supplies, tableware, dishes and bowls.

BSD3520A / 4020A / 4525A tableware shrinking machine is an internal circulation type, using advanced European and American spiral wind technology, the shrinkage efficiency is particularly good, the conveyor chain roller uses a silicone coat, it will not burn the packaging, and completely solve the difficulty of shrinking the bottom. Shrinking machine equipment is especially suitable for large-scale heat shrinkable film forming and packaging in the industries of catering tableware, software, printed matter, biscuits, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, beverages and flooring.

Technical Parameters:

type    number





110,220-240V / 50-60Hz   1∮

3∮ 380V / 50Hz

Heating tube power

7KW Adjustable

8KW Adjustable

10KW Adjustable

transfer speed

0-15m / min.

0-15m / min.

0-15m / min.

Shrinking furnace size

800 350 200mm

1000 400 200mm

1000 450 250mm

Product Size

300 160mm

350 160mm

400 210mm

Transmission maximum load

15kg Maximum

25kg Maximum

25kg Maximum

Machine size

1050 610 1320mm

1250 660 1320mm

1250 710 1370mm

Machine weight




Applicable shrink film


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