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BSE4530 / 5045/6050 constant temperature PE film shrink packaging machine

BSE4530 / 5045/6050 constant temperature PE film shrink packaging machine

Product Features:

远红外pe膜热收缩膜包装机是目前国内新型的收缩包装设备之一,带有冷却支架,采用石英远红外管加热,节电高效(节电15%以上); 热收缩膜包装机收缩温度和电机传动速度稳定可调,且调节范围广;pe热收缩膜机独创滚筒自转装置,可连续工作。 BSE4530 / 5045/6050 far-infrared pe film heat shrinkable film packaging machine is one of the new domestic shrink packaging equipment. It has a cooling bracket and is heated by a quartz far infrared tube. The shrinking temperature and motor drive speed of the film packaging machine are stable and adjustable, and the adjustment range is wide; the original roller rotation device of the pe heat shrinking film machine can work continuously. Therefore, this product has advanced design, stable and reliable performance, efficient power saving, good shrinkage effect, novel and beautiful structure, convenient operation and maintenance, etc., and can be applied to shrink packaging of any shrink film. The price of heat shrink film packaging machine is relatively high. PE heat shrink machine suitable for shrink film: PE, POF, PVC, PP

Technical parameters of shrink film packaging machine:

type    number





3Phase 220V, 380-460V / 50-60Hz

Heating tube power

17KW Adjustable

20KW Adjustable

24KW Adjustable

transfer speed

0-10m / min.

0-15m / min.

0-15m / min.

Shrinking furnace size

1200 450 300mm

1500 500 450mm

1800 600 500mm

Product Size

260 200mm

400 350mm

500 400mm

Maximum transmission load

15kg Maximum

35kg Maximum

30kg Maximum

Machine size

2150 690 1400mm

2450 740 1550mm

2750 840 1600mm

Machine weight




Applicable shrink film


The price of BSE4530 / 5045/6050 heat shrinkable film packaging machine is relatively high.

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