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BSE4530A 怛 Temperature PE film heat shrinking machine

BSE4530A 怛 Temperature PE film heat shrinking machine

Features of PE film shrinking machine:

怛温PE膜收缩包装机是Yupack公司历史最长的产品,也是最优秀的产品,久经市场考验。 BSE4530A 怛 Wen PE film shrink packaging machine is the longest product and the best product of Yupack, which has been tested by the market. This model of heat shrink machine is the most cost-effective.

PE膜收缩包装机 收缩炉后有散热装置,有冷却支架,可专门使用于 PE 收缩膜使用 The BSE4530A PE film shrink packaging machine has a heat dissipation device and a cooling bracket after the shrink furnace . 采用远红外管加热,电子无段变速调温;封闭热风内循环型,电子固态电器控制,稳定可靠、低噪音、寿命长;收缩过程中,不影响包装物的品质,而能收缩快速完美,包装后的产品能密封、防潮、防撞击、适用于多件物品紧包装和托盘包装。 The shrinking furnace is heated by far-infrared tubes, and the electronic stepless variable-speed temperature regulation; closed hot air internal circulation type , electronic solid-state electrical control, stable and reliable, low noise, and long life; during the shrinking process, it does not affect the quality of the packaging and can shrink quickly Perfect, the packaged product can be sealed, moisture-proof, impact-resistant, suitable for tight packing of multiple items and tray packaging.

Technical parameters of PE film shrinking machine:

type     number



3Phase 220V, 380-460V / 50-60Hz

Heating tube power

16KW Adjustable

transfer speed

0-15m / min.

Shrinking furnace size

1200 450 300mm

Product Size

350 250mm

Transmission maximum load

25kg Maximum

Machine size

2150 690 1400mm

Machine weight


Applicable shrink film


PE膜收缩机价格报价咨询 Our company offers PE film shrink machine price quotation consultation

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