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YP-NT600F palletless wrapping machine

YP-NT600F palletless wrapping machine

YP-NT600F palletless wrapping machine is used for wrapping single pieces of goods or multiple small pieces.

Main performance characteristics of wrapping machine:
PLC 可编程控制。 PLC programmable control.
0-3 可调整。 The number of turns of the turntable can be adjusted from 0-3 .
The limit switch controls the height of the package.
The pressing device ensures the goods are stable during the packing process.
Film frame resistance stretching device

Optional functions of wrapping machine:
Pre-stretching device.
Packaging height can be customized according to customer requirements.


Technical specifications of wrapping machine:

item    Head

Participate    number

Turntable speed:


Carousel load:


Packaging efficiency:

10--15 seconds / piece

Total power:


power supply:

220V 50HZ 1P

Wrapping specifications:

( L600 * W600 * H350-600) mm

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