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YP-T1650FZ Pre-tensioning Automatic Winding Machine

YP-T1650FZ Pre-tensioning Automatic Winding Machine

YP-T1650FZ pre-draw type automatic winding machine is suitable for container transportation of bulk goods and packaging of bulk pallets. At present, YP-T1650FZ pre-draw type automatic winding machine has been wrapped in the chemical, electronics, food, beverage, paper making and other industries package. T 系列薄膜缠绕机的基础上增加自动上断膜功能及遥控控制功能,使其操作简便、自动化程度高、减少操作人员等特点。 The main features of YP-T1650FZ pre-pulling type automatic winding machine is that it adds automatic film breaking function and remote control function on the basis of ordinary YP- T series film winding machine, which makes it easy to operate, high degree of automation, and reduced operator.


Technical indicators:

item    Head

Participate    number

Wrap specifications

L (800-1200) mm XW (900-1100) mm

Packing height

L type: 1500mm H type: 2100mm

Packaging efficiency

30-50 Torr / hour

Turntable speed

0-12rpm speed variable frequency adjustable, turntable slowly up and down

Turntable size

Diameter: 1650mm Height: 330mm

Turntable bearing


Membrane frame system

Pre-stretched film frame, pre-stretched up to 250%, automatic film feeding, DC speed control system

Lifting column

Double chain structure, adjustable lifting speed and variable frequency

Control System

PLC control, the number of winding layers and the number of times can be adjusted, the height of the top is adjustable; the height of the goods can be automatically sensed, the winding can be reinforced, and the turntable can be automatically reset;

Take up space at runtime

2545mm X 2100mm

Automatic film breaking mechanism

Pneumatic control, automatic film loading, film breaking, film care

Working pressure of pneumatic system

0.4 ~ 0.6Mpa

Total Weight



2545mm X 1650mm X 2270mm

Motor power / voltage

Turntable 0.75kw, membrane frame 0.23kw, column 0.37kw / AC220V


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