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YP-T1800FPL pallet online winding packaging machine

YP-T1800FPL pallet online winding packaging machine

托盘在线式缠绕包装机是适应流水线作业的包装机械,非常适合现代化企业的自动化包装的需要,对提高包装效率,降低劳动强度,有效利用人力资源,起到非常积极的作用。 YP-T1800FPL pallet online winding packaging machine is a packaging machine suitable for assembly line operation, which is very suitable for the automated packaging needs of modern enterprises. It has a very positive effect on improving packaging efficiency, reducing labor intensity, and effectively using human resources. At present, YP-T1800FPL pallet online winding packaging machine has been widely used in chemical, electronics, food, beverage, paper and other operation packaging lines.

On-line winding packaging machine control system:
  可编程控制,缠绕层数次数、越顶高度、加固层数可直接在面板上设置。 PLC programmable control, the number of winding layers, the height of the top, and the number of reinforcement layers can be set directly on the panel.
只需按自动运行按钮,即可完成整个包装过程,自动手动随时转换。 Just press the auto-run button to complete the entire packaging process, automatic and manual conversion at any time.
精选电器控制元件,可靠性高。 Selected electrical control components, high reliability.             
光电开关,自动感测货物的高度。 Photoelectric switch, automatically sense the height of the goods.

Rotary disc drive for in- line wrapping machine :
转盘速度 0~15rpm 转速变频可调,转盘可精确定位。 ◇ The turntable speed is adjustable from 0 to 15rpm , and the turntable can be accurately positioned.
包装完毕转盘自动复位 , 纯钢高耐磨材质。 After packing, the turntable is automatically reset , and the pure steel is highly wear-resistant.

: Film wrapping system for in- line wrapping machine :
膜架为纯铸铝膜架 , 轻便稳定。 ◇ The film frame is a pure cast aluminum film frame , which is light and stable.
选用耐磨胶辊 , 使用寿命长。 ◇ The wear-resistant rubber roller is selected for long service life.
膜架动力预拉伸机构,预拉伸可达 250% Membrane frame pre-stretching mechanism, pre-stretching can reach 250% .
膜架上升、下降速度、送膜速度可调。 The rising and falling speed and film feeding speed of the film frame can be adjusted.   
顶部及底部缠绕数分别单独控制。 ◇ The number of windings on the top and bottom is controlled separately.
薄膜系统随动机构,一拉即可。 ◇ Follow -up mechanism of film system, just pull it.
升降立柱为双链条结构,平稳可靠。 ◇ The lifting column is a double chain structure, which is stable and reliable.

Conveying system of on-line winding packaging machine :
输送线速度: 12 m/min Conveying line speed: 12 m / min .
输送系统:动办输送线可选择滚筒、链排、万向球等结构。 Conveying system: The moving conveyor line can choose rollers, chains, universal ball and other structures.

Optional features:
开门膜架与普通膜架可选 , 开门膜架更换缠绕膜快速方便。 Opening film frame and ordinary film frame are optional . The opening film frame can be replaced quickly and easily.


Technical specifications of online winding packaging machine :

item    Head

Participate    number

Wrapping specifications ( L * W)

( 500 ~ 1200) (500 ~ 1200) mm

Wrapping height ( H)

L type 1800mm

Packaging efficiency

40 ~ 60 pieces / hour

Turntable specifications

φ 1800mm

Turntable height


Turntable load ( max)


Turntable speed

0 ~ 15rpm

Membrane frame mechanism

Pre-stretching mechanism

Power / voltage

2.3 KW / AC220V

Packaging Materials

LLDPE stretch film thickness: 17 ~ 35um width: 500mm

Total Weight





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