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YP-T1650EB Simple Automatic Tray Winding Machine

YP-T1650EB Simple Automatic Tray Winding Machine

托盘缠绕包装机适用于大宗货物的集装箱运输及散件托盘的包装。 YP-T1650EB pallet winding packaging machine is suitable for container transportation of bulk goods and packaging of bulk pallets. Widely used in glass products, hardware tools, electronic appliances, papermaking, ceramics, chemicals, food, beverages, building materials and other industries. The pallet winding machine can improve the logistics efficiency and reduce the loss during transportation. It has the advantages of dust resistance, moisture resistance, and reduction of packaging costs.

Tray winding machine control system:
托盘缠绕包装机 PLC 可编程控制。 PLC programmable control of pallet winding packaging machine .
膜架升降次数及顶层 / 底层包装圈数 1-3 可调整。 ◇ The number of times of lifting of the film frame and the number of top / bottom packaging circles can be adjusted 1-3 .
限位装置限定货物包装高度。 ◇ The limit device limits the height of the goods package.
转盘转速及膜架升降速度可调。 ◇ The rotating speed of the turntable and the lifting speed of the membrane frame can be adjusted.
按钮式操作面板,简单明了。 Push-button operation panel is simple and clear.
阻拉伸膜架,可手动调节阻力。 Resistance to stretch film frame, resistance can be adjusted manually.
包装完毕,转盘自动复位。 After packing, the turntable will reset automatically.
膜架升降链条传动机构。 Membrane frame lifting chain transmission mechanism.


Technical index of pallet winding machine:

item    Head

Participate    number

Wrapping specifications ( L * W)

(500 ~ 1200) (500 ~ 1200) mm

Wrapping height ( H)


Packaging efficiency

20 ~ 40 pieces / hour

Turntable specifications

φ 1650mm

Turntable height


Turntable load ( max)


Turntable speed

0 ~ 12rpm

Membrane frame mechanism

Anti-stretch mechanism

Power / voltage

1.2KW / AC220V

Overall dimensions ( L * W * H)

(2370 1650 2537) mm

Packaging Materials

LLDPE stretch film thickness: 17 ~ 35um width: 500mm paper core: 3 inch core

Total Weight





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