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FXJ-AT5050 Automatic Folding and Sealing Machine (Folding / Manual Positioning))

FXJ-AT5050 Automatic Folding and Sealing Machine (Folding / Manual Positioning))

自动折盖封箱机能对纸箱竖起的四个上盖自动折平并自动进行胶带封箱,是一台适合配线使用的极具效率的自动折盖封箱机 FXJ-AT5050 Fully Automatic Folding and Sealing Machine can fold and flatten the four upper lids of the carton and seal the tape automatically. It is a highly efficient automatic folding and sealing machine suitable for wiring. In addition to manually adjusting the machine according to the size of the carton, it can automatically fold the lid and seal the tape. It can be operated in a single box, or it can be used as a packaging line with cartons forming and unpacking machines, cartoners, labelers, strapping machines, pallet stackers, conveyors and other equipment. It is a necessary equipment for packaging line operations. When the size of the box is small and the production capacity of the production line is large, the machine should be the first choice. 自动折盖封箱机采用左右驱动的形式,气动式折盖机构,梯形丝杠的宽窄高低调节机构,高强度的结构设计,使得该机型性能可靠,能适应生产线连续的繁重的封箱工作。 FXJ-AT5050 fully automatic cover folding and sealing machine adopts the form of left and right driving, pneumatic cover folding mechanism, width and height adjustment mechanism of trapezoidal screw, and high-strength structural design, which makes this model reliable in performance and can adapt to the continuous heavy production line. Sealing work.


30 / 分钟 Conveying speed: 30 boxes / minute
Maximum sealing size: width 5 00mm high 5 00mm
Minimum sealing size: width 120mm high 120mm

Tape width: 36mm , 48mm , 50mm , 60mm
110V 220-240V/50-60Hz/ Power supply: single phase, 110V , 220-240V / 50-60Hz /

0.6KVA Power consumption: 0.6KVA

1840*1000* Machine size: 1840 * 1000 * 1500mm
Machine weight: 240kg

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