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Paper tape binding machine

 Paper tape binding machine

RA-25 It is designed for paper tape binding Strapping machine This machine has no frame belt, which effectively solves the problem that the paper tape cannot be delivered smoothly due to damp. It is mainly used in banking, textile, daily chemical and other industries. The machine is small in size, low in noise, easy to change belt, easy to operate and low failure rate.

l ??????? No frame design, effectively avoid the problem of poor belt delivery

l ??????? Touch screen configuration, easy to operate

l ??????? Any switch between film tape and carton

l ??????? Small size, easy to move


Technical index :



Binding size

40mm 200mm ( long ) X 60mm 250mm (wide)

production efficiency

twenty bundle / branch

Suitable strap material

Paper tape / Film tape (color tape, anti-counterfeiting tape, anti-static tape)

Film tape specification

(wide 30&20mm * thick 0.035mm* long 185m

Packing tightness


Power Supply

220v ? 50Hz ? (customizable)




425mm Long) × 370mm Wide) × 225mm (high)

Total weight


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