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FXJ6050 automatic box sealing machine (standard type)

FXJ6050 automatic box sealing machine (standard type)

系列封箱机主要适用于纸箱的封箱包装,即可单机作业成绩,也可与流水线配套使用,广泛应用在家用电器、纺织、食品、百货、医药、化工等行业。 FXJ series carton sealing machine is mainly suitable for carton sealing and packing, which can be used for stand-alone operation and can also be used with the assembly line. It is widely used in household appliances, textiles, food, department stores, medicine, chemicals and other industries. The box sealing machine uses instant tape to seal the carton. It is economical, fast and easy to adjust. It can complete the upper and lower sealing operations at one time. The printing tape is used to improve the product image. The sealing machine provided by Qingdao Aixun Packaging Equipment has a relatively high price-performance ratio and is the preferred choice for automated packaging enterprises.


FXJ6050 upper and lower belt drive Automatic sealing machine

transfer speed: 20 meters 分钟 / Minute
Maximum sealing size: width 500mm high 600mm
Minimum sealing size: width 150mm high 110mm

Tape width: 36mm , 48mm , 50mm , 60mm
110V 220V/50-60Hz/ Power supply: single phase, 110V , 220V / 50-60Hz /

0.18KVA Power consumption: 0.18KVA

1580*740* Machine size: 1580 * 740 * 1330mm
Machine weight: 145kg

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