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YPK-4012W high speed unpacking machine

YPK-4012W high speed unpacking machine

Product introduction:

高速开箱机 ( 成型封底机 ) 是一款卧式开箱折底机,该机采用上吸式开箱方式,可以高质高效的完成开箱作业,破损率低,多用于烟草业、酒业、食品行业。 YPK-4012W high - speed box opening machine ( molding and sealing machine ) is a horizontal box opening and folding machine. This machine adopts the top suction box opening method, which can complete the unpacking operation with high quality and efficiency. The damage rate is low. It is mostly used for tobacco. Industry, wine industry, food industry. This machine has different models according to the speed of unpacking, and also provides customized products.


2          Adopt human-machine interface control, real-time display action status and alarm function

2          Unpacking speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, (inverter control)

2          Door opening safety protection function, door opening mechanism pauses and alarms, indicator light flashes

2          Automatic warning reminder for no carton in the hopper, supplementary carton function, no tape alarm function

2          Cartons are stored horizontally, empty cartons can be replenished at any time without downtime, saving time and improving efficiency

2          The structure design of this machine completes the carton suction box, unboxing, forming, folding bottom, back sealing and other packaging processes at one time.

Technical Parameters:


type       number



三相 380V 50Hz three-phase

Applicable carton

Available size

Countertop height

Smallest 600MM 720mm 、 Max 720mm

Unpacking speed

/ 分钟(稳定速度) 15-20 cases / minute (stable speed)

Mechanical Dimensions


Use of air source

6 7KG

Gas consumption

3000NL / min

Applicable tape

72mm 择一使用 W48 72mm

Mechanical weight

1000KG Net weight 1000KG


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