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YPK-40C semi-automatic unpacking and sealing machine

YPK-40C semi-automatic unpacking and sealing machine

Product introduction:

半自动开箱封底机是一款专门用于纸箱开箱封底用的开箱设备,它实现的功能与全自动开箱机 YPK-4012 是一样的,但是该款机型更加经济实惠,适合企业用于替代人工开箱但生产量又不是特别大的情况下使用。 YPK-40C semi-automatic unpacking and bottom sealing machine is a special equipment for unpacking and unsealing cartons. It realizes the same functions as the full-automatic unpacking machine YPK-4012 , but this model is more economical and affordable It is suitable for enterprises to replace manual unpacking but the production volume is not particularly large.




2          Manufactured with international advanced technology, and selected imported parts and electrical components

2          Adjust the width and height according to the size of the carton

2          Folded bottom and sealed box, small size, easy operation and strong applicability

2          Automatic bottom folding, manual packing, automatic bottom sealing

Technical Parameters:

type       number


Applicable carton

500xW150 500xH150 500MM L150 500xW150 500xH150 500MM

Countertop height

600mm 、最大 720MM 600mm minimum , 720MM maximum

Mechanical Dimensions


using electric

220V50HZ 0.24kw

Use of air source

7KG 6 7KG

Applicable tape

60 75MM W48 60 75MM

Mechanical weight

265KG Net weight 265KG

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