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YPK-4018 Automatic Unpacking Machine

YPK-4018 Automatic Unpacking Machine

Product introduction:


自动开箱机 ( 成型封底机 ) 是将叠成纸板的箱板打开,箱子底部按一定程序折合,并用胶带密封后输送给装箱机的专用设备。 YPK-4018 automatic box opener ( molding and bottom sealing machine) is a special equipment that opens the box board folded into cardboard, folds the bottom of the box according to a certain procedure, and seals it with tape. 自动开箱机 ( 成型封底机 ) 是大批量纸箱自动开箱、自动折合下盖、自动密封下底胶带的流水线设备,机器全部采用 PLC+ 显示屏控制 , 操作方便,是自动化规模生产必不可少的设备。 YPK-4018 automatic box opening machine ( molding and sealing machine ) is a large-scale carton automatic unpacking, automatic folding lower cover, automatic bottom sealing tape assembly line equipment, the machine all use PLC + display screen control , easy operation, is necessary for automated large-scale production Essential equipment. YPK-4012 机型相比,开箱速度更快,工作效率更高。 Compared with YPK-4012 model, this machine has faster unpacking speed and higher working efficiency.




2          PLC 控制,运行更稳定 Imported PLC control for more stable operation

2          Reasonable design, synchronous suction molding, folding bottom and back cover molding at the same time

2          Lightweight, precise and durable mechanical parts, no vibration during operation, stable operation, long life, high efficiency

2          Automatic alarm when tape and carton are missing

2          Adhesive tape to the bottom, clean, accurate, touch

2          Equipped with blade protection device to avoid accidental puncture during operation

Technical Parameters:

type       number


Applicable carton

450xW150 400xH100 350MM L200 450xW150 400xH100 350MM

Countertop height

600mm 、最大 720MM 600mm minimum , 720MM maximum

Sealing speed

/ 分钟 15-18 boxes / minute

Mechanical Dimensions


using electric


Use of air source

7KG 6 7KG

Applicable tape

60 75MMxL1000 W48 60 75MMxL1000 yards

Mechanical weight

400KG Net weight 400KG


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