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Edge sealer

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The edge sealing machine adopts international advanced technology and adopts advanced edge sealing device. The length of the package is not limited. Double sealing and cutting can be selected according to the product specifications. The waste film produced during packaging is automatically rolled up. Equipped with imported detection photoelectric, suitable for large and heavy goods. PE 热缩包装。 Such as floor, door panels, ceramics, furniture, electrical appliances and other products in fully enclosed PE heat shrink packaging.

先进的双边封技术,连续封口,产品长度不限。 Advanced bilateral sealing technology, continuous sealing, unlimited product length. PE 全封闭包装 Especially suitable for long, wide and heavy products.

采用电子触摸屏, “OMRON” 程序控制器,实现机、电、气一体化 Using electronic touch screen and "OMRON" program controller to realize integration of machine, electricity and gas

可达到极佳的封口强度 Achieves excellent sealing strength

特别针对重型及超大物体而设计 Designed especially for heavy and oversized objects

封口线可以根据产品包装的需要在任何位置 Sealing line can be in any position according to the needs of product packaging

适用于 0.03~0.06mm 厚度的 PE 收缩膜 Suitable for PE shrink film with thickness of 0.03 ~ 0.06mm

根据客户的需要可增加前后输送、输出机构及彩膜定位功能 According to the needs of customers, it can increase the forward and backward conveying, output mechanism and color film positioning function

人性化的操作界面,方便使用 Humanized operation interface, easy to use

采用进口双运风电机,让炉腔内热风散布均匀 Using imported dual-wind motors to evenly distribute the hot air in the furnace cavity

不同大小的产品还可以搭配组合包装,以达到促销的效果 Different size products can also be combined with packaging to achieve the effect of promotion

配有进口检测光电,水平、垂直检测各一组 Equipped with imported detection photoelectric, horizontal and vertical detection

采用 PE 膜,适合长途运输和频繁搬运 Using PE film, suitable for long distance transportation and frequent handling


Sealing and cutting machine

Shrink machine




L*W*H(mm) Mechanical size L * W * H (mm) :

2300 * 1600 * 1600

2800 * 1100 * 1690

L*W*H(mm) Furnace cavity size L * W * H (mm) :

1800 * 800 * 400

L*W*H(mm) Maximum packing size L * W * H (mm) :

不限 *1000*250 L unlimited * 1000 * 250

1500 * 600 * 300

L(mm) Horizontal sealing knife size L (mm) :


0 ): Temperature ( 0 ):



mm ): Table height ( mm ):

0 50 85 0 50

0 50 85 0 50

/ 分钟): Packing speed (pieces / minute):



Kg ): Net weight ( Kg ):



KW Power ( KW )



power supply:

380V 50Hz 3PH

380V 50Hz 3PH

Kg/c m 2 ): External air source ( Kg / c m 2 ):


Suitable for shrink film



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