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DZT-5070 Food Body Vacuum Packaging Machine

DZT-5070 Food Body Vacuum Packaging Machine

  Product introduction:

食品贴体真空包装机是一款专门针对于食品贴体而设计的真空包装机,该机主要原理是通过对贴体膜进行加热,同时配以真空泵进行抽真空,将膜紧贴到产品和托盘上,既美观又能起到保鲜的作用,是目前市场上使用比较广泛的真空包装机。 DZT-5070 food packaging vacuum packaging machine is a vacuum packaging machine specially designed for food packaging. The main principle of this machine is to heat the packaging film and vacuum with a vacuum pump to close the film. On the products and trays, it is both beautiful and fresh-keeping. It is a widely used vacuum packaging machine on the market.

Product Features:

   、德国原装进口真空泵,抽真空速度更快,极限真空度更高 1 , Germany imported vacuum pump, faster vacuum speed, higher ultimate vacuum

   真空全密封式包装,可以保持产品自然的鲜嫩、芳香、色泽和汁味 2. Vacuum fully sealed packaging can keep the product's natural freshness, aroma, color and juice taste

   、既可以使用托盘包装,也可以使用贴体膜直接包装 3 , you can use either tray packaging or direct packaging

   可做多产品的组合包装,消费者可部分开启包装食用,然后将剩余包装内产品放回冰箱继续冷藏供日后再食用,卫生又方便。 4. Multi-product combination packaging can be done. Consumers can partially open the package for consumption, and then return the remaining packaged products to the refrigerator and continue to refrigerate for later consumption.



Third, the main technical parameters




power supply

380v 50hz



Vacuum chamber size

710 * 500 * 50mm

Extraction efficiency

3 /h 100m 3 / h

Ultimate vacuum


Work efficiency

/min 2-5 times / min


980 * 920 * 1000mm

Total Weight


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