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T1650F-S double tray wrapping machine

T1650F-S double tray wrapping machine

Product introduction:

双托盘缠绕包装机是艾讯新推出的一款经济型缠绕包装机,该机设置有两个托盘同时工作,大大提高了工作效率,同时两托盘共用一个膜架,又大大降低了生产成本,是一款不可多得的缠绕包装设备。 T1650F-S double tray wrapping machine is a new economical wrapping machine launched by Aixun . The machine is equipped with two trays working at the same time, which greatly improves the work efficiency. At the same time, the two trays share a film frame, which greatly reduces Production cost is a rare wrapping equipment. 缠绕机 3 个系列,分别为标准型、压顶型和在线型 Aixun double tray winding machine has 3 series, which are standard type, top type and online type .

Product Features:

  PLC 控制、人机界面 1.PLC control, human-machine interface

  、双托盘工作效率高 2.High efficiency of dual pallets

  、一个膜架,节省成本 3 , a membrane frame, save costs

  、占地面积小,使用方便 4 , small footprint, easy to use

  、可提供非标定制机型 5 , can provide non-standard customized models


Control panel electric box chassis

Third, the main technical parameters:


item    Head

Participate    number



Wrap specifications

mm XW(900-1200)mm L (800-1200 ) mm XW (900-1200) mm

Packing height

型: 1800mm H型: 2400mm L type: 1800mm H type: 2400mm

Packaging efficiency

/小时 20-40 Torr / hour

Turntable speed

转速变频可调,转盘缓起缓停 0-12rpm speed variable frequency adjustable

Turntable size

高度: 85mm Diameter: 1650mm Height: 85mm

Turntable bearing


Membrane frame system

%,自动送膜,直流调速系统 Pre-stretched film frame, pre-stretched up to 250 %, automatic film feeding, DC speed control system

Lifting column

Double chain structure, adjustable lifting speed and variable frequency

Control System

控制,缠绕层数、次数可调,越顶高度可调;自动感测货物高度,缠绕加固,转台自动复位;带有遥控装置 PLC control, the number of winding layers and the number of times can be adjusted, the height of the top is adjustable; the height of the goods can be automatically sensed, the winding can be reinforced, and the turntable can be automatically reset; with remote control

Take up space at runtime

2545mm X 2100mm

Working pressure of pneumatic system

0.6Mpa 0.4 0.6Mpa

Total Weight



2545mm X 3500mm X 2270mm

电压 Motor power / voltage

膜架0.23kw,立柱0.37kw/AC220V Turntable 0.75kw, membrane frame 0.23kw, column 0.37kw / AC220V

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