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BDK380-L Vertical Automatic Belt Machine

BDK380-L Vertical Automatic Belt Machine

Product introduction:

立式自动束带机是一款针对于大带卷而专门设计的,该机带盘外置,因此可挂较大的带卷,充分节省了用户更换带卷的时间,并提高了工作效率,是一款性价比较高的设备。 BDK380-L vertical automatic strapping machine is specially designed for large tape rolls. The machine is equipped with a reel externally, so it can hang larger tape rolls. In order to improve work efficiency, it is a high cost-effective device. Widely used in food, medicine, post, electronics and other fields.

小型自动束带打包机它所采用的束带除普通纸带,薄膜带外,还可采用彩色带,防伪带,防静电带。 BDK380-L small automatic belt strapping machine, in addition to ordinary paper tape, film tape, can also use color tape, anti-counterfeiting tape, anti-static tape. (Note: Except for paper tape and film tape, other tape types must be provided according to user requirements.

Technical Parameters:



Strapping force


Strapping speed

/ 2.5 channels / second

Frame size

W300 * H200

Applicable strapping width

20 , 30mm

power supply

220V 50HZ  

Machine size

590x346x 720mm (LxWxH)



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