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MH-101A-F automatic explosion-proof baler

MH-101A-F automatic explosion-proof baler

Product introduction:

MH -101A -F automatic explosion-proof baler is a baler suitable for military industry and explosives industry independently developed by Aixun. The main core components of the machine adopt explosion-proof processing technology, so it is very safe to use in flammable and explosive environments. OMRON PLC 控制,选购电器组件为世界著名产品,有日本“ OMRON ”、台湾“ FOTEK ”、法国“ TE ”以及光电开关控制等电器。 The machine is controlled by Japanese OMRON " OMRON " PLC . The electrical components purchased are world famous products, including Japanese " OMRON ", Taiwan " FOTEK ", French " TE " and photoelectric switch control. Mechanical design uses Japanese technology, reasonable design, coordinated action, high reliability, manual, automatic, continuous three functions, and easy to use, fast speed, can be suitable for high-speed production line assembly line operation, aluminum alloy bracket, maintenance free of oil.

Performance characteristics:

防爆机型,适合于易燃易爆环境使用 Explosion-proof models, suitable for use in flammable and explosive environments

高于国家标准级别的防爆等级,使用更安全 Explosion-proof level higher than national standard level, safer to use

该机自动检测、自动打包、自动输送,可实现无人化操作 The machine automatically detects, packs and transports automatically, enabling unmanned operation

铸钢机芯结构,运行稳定,故障率低 Cast steel movement structure, stable operation and low failure rate

Explosion-proof control box Imported PLC explosion-proof motor

Technical Parameters:


MH -101A -F

Strapping force


Strapping speed

/ 2.5 channels / second

Frame size

W800 * H600

Applicable strapping width

12 9 , 12 , 15mm

power supply

380V 50HZ  

Machine size

1100 * 630 * 1420mm

Electrical configuration

控制,法国 “TE” ,日本 “OMRON” “ZIK” 电器,适合常规物体捆包 LG "PLC" control, France "TE" , Japan "OMRON" , "ZIK" appliances, suitable for conventional object packing


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