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MH-101A-S automatic double lane packer

MH-101A-S automatic double lane packer

Product introduction:

MH -101A 自动双道打包机是艾讯推出的一款工作效率较高的一款设备,该机最大的特点是可实现同时打两条打包带,大大节省了用户的工作时间,同时该机前后均有操作面板,在任何一个方向都可进行打包作业,被广泛用户食品、物流、化工、汽配、速递等行业。 -S automatic two-lane packer is a high-efficiency device launched by Aixun. The biggest feature of this machine is that it can play two packing belts at the same time, which greatly saves the user's working time. Both have operation panels and can be packed in any direction. They are widely used in food, logistics, chemical, auto parts, express delivery and other industries.

  Performance characteristics :

自动双道打包,工作效率高 Automatic double lane packing, high work efficiency

前后各有一个控制面板,操作方便 Each front and rear control panel is easy to operate

双机芯结构,性能更稳定 Double movement structure, more stable performance

摆盖式拉紧,束紧力更强 Swing-cap tensioning, stronger tightening force

Steel knife box High-power motor Tension lever

Technical Parameters:



MH -101A -S

Strapping force


Strapping speed

/ 2.5 channels / second

Frame size

双框架 ) W800 * H600 ( double frame )

Frame spacing


Applicable strapping width

12 9 , 12 15mm

power supply

380V 50HZ  

Machine size

1100 * 630 * 1420mm

Electrical configuration

控制,法国 “TE” ,日本 “OMRON” “ZIK” 电器,适合常规物体捆包 LG "PLC" control, France "TE" , Japan "OMRON" , "ZIK" appliances, suitable for conventional object packing

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