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MH-105D Double Wear Sword Pallet Baler

MH-105D Double Wear Sword Pallet Baler

Product introduction:

2 条伸缩性导轨,当机器检测到与物品需要打包时,导轨会自动伸出,与原有的框架形成一个封闭式的带道,之后进行自动打包,该机可实现同时打两道,当两道打包完成自后,导轨会自动退回到打包机机身下面,然后由输送设备将物品输送到下一工位。 MH-105D double wear sword pallet packer is a packer specially designed for pallet strapping. The biggest feature of this machine is that it has 2 flexible guide rails. When the machine detects that the items need to be packed, The guide rail will automatically extend to form a closed belt path with the original frame. After that, it will be automatically packed. The machine can achieve two simultaneous lanes. When the two packs are completed, the guide rail will automatically return to the baler. Underneath, the item is then transported to the next station by the conveyor.

Performance characteristics:

  PLC 控制,运行更加稳定 PLC control for more stable operation

进口电器配置,使用寿命更长 Imported electrical equipment configuration, longer service life

导轨自动伸缩,整个操作过程实现无人化 , The guide rail automatically retracts, and the entire operation process is unmanned

可单机使用,也可配合自动化的包装生产线使用 Single machine can also be used with automatic packaging production line

可选自动报警装置,缺带、故障自动报警 Optional automatic alarm device, automatic alarm for lack of belt and fault

Technical Parameters:



Strapping force


Strapping speed

秒/道 30 seconds / channel

Frame size

Customized upon request

Applicable strapping width

12 9 , 12 15mm

power supply

380V 50HZ   0.75kw

Machine size

1400 * 630 * 1100mm

Machine weight


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