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MH-104A Customized Large Frame Automatic Packer

MH-104A Customized Large Frame Automatic Packer

Product introduction :

MH -104A Customized automatic baler is a type of automatic baler. These products are basically customized according to customer requirements, mainly in the frame size. When the frame size of the standard model can not meet the needs of users, Customized framework, specifically how large a framework needs to be customized to be suitable for customer's product use, and users need to communicate well with Axon sales staff.

Electronically adjustable tightening force, built-in packing reel, automatic feeding reset
Technical Parameters:


MH -104A

Strapping force


Strapping speed

Depends on frame size

Frame size

Customized according to customer requirements

Applicable strapping width

12 9 , 12 , 15mm

power supply

380V 50HZ  

Machine size


Electrical configuration

控制,法国 “TE” ,日本 “OMRON” “ZIK” 电器,适合常规物体捆包 LG "PLC" control, France "TE" , Japan "OMRON" , "ZIK" appliances, suitable for conventional object packing

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