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AM600APR Pressurized Automatic High Speed Packer

AM600APR Pressurized Automatic High Speed Packer

Product introduction:

   5mmpp 带,大大节省了企业的生产成本。 AM600APR pressurized automatic high-speed baler is a fully automatic baler specially designed for corrugated paper packaging. The biggest feature of this machine is that it can use 5mmpp belt, which greatly saves the production cost of the enterprise. The machine table is equipped with power rollers for conveying, which can realize automatic transmission, automatic detection, and automatic packing. At the same time, the machine has a pressure-up function, which can compress the fluffy paper bales after packing .

Performance characteristics:

伺服马达驱动,人机界面操作,客户可任意选择单道、双道、三道打包作业 Servo motor driven, man-machine interface operation, customers can choose single, double and triple packing operations

打包速度快,最高 26 包(打单道)或 16 包(打双道) /min ,依产品大小尺寸不一有所差异 Fast packing speed, up to 26 bales (single lane) or 16 bales (dual lane) / min , depending on the size of the product

束紧力可调节,调节范围 8 Adjustable tightening force, adjustable range 8 -60kg

工作过程静音效果好 Good mute effect during work

自动送带重置,当打包机出现掉带时只需要按动送带按钮,机器即可自动送带,无需人工再次穿带 Automatic tape reset, when the strapping machine appears to drop, just press the tape feed button, the machine can automatically feed the tape, no need to wear the tape

台面高度可调,调节范围 754 Adjustable table height, adjustable range: 754 -1200mm

操作方便,简单,人性化 Easy to operate, simple and humane

Technical Parameters:



Strapping force

8 -60kg

Strapping speed

/ 26 channels /

Frame size

W1250 * H 500mm (customizable)

Countertop height

754 -1200mm 可调 ) ( Adjustable )


Customized upon request

Cylinder stroke

Customized upon request

Applicable strapping width

6 5 , 6 , 9mm (Choose one)

Bonding method

Hot Melt

power supply

220V   50HZ

Machine size

(L) 2290mm x (W) 725mm x (H) 1450 mm

Machine weight


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