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MH-101A high platform automatic baler 220v

MH-101A high platform automatic baler 220v

Product introduction:

是艾讯针对于没有动力电源的企业或者个人企业而单独设计的一款打包设备,该机机械结构简单,故障率低,专业的封闭式带道设计,满足了用户对于各种规格打包带的适应问题,被广泛用于食品、化工、服装、邮政、物流等行业。 MH-101A high platform automatic baler 220v is a packaging device designed by Aixun for enterprises or individual enterprises without power supply. The machine has a simple mechanical structure, low failure rate, and professional closed belt design. Users' adaptability to various specifications of packing belts is widely used in food, chemical, clothing, postal, logistics and other industries.

Performance characteristics:

内置打包带盘,安全性高 Built-in packing reel, high safety

封闭式带道设计,对打包带的适应能力更强 Closed belt path design, stronger adaptability to packing belt

束紧力电子连续可调 Tightening force electron continuously adjustable

冷却时间电子连续可调 Electronically adjustable cooling time

自动送带重置,有效解决了打包机掉带问题 Automatic tape reset, effectively solving the problem of tape drop

Built-in reel, automatic loop skip, automatic feed reset

Closed belt path, electronically adjustable tightening force, adjustable cooling time

Technical Parameters:


MH -101A

Strapping force


Strapping speed

秒/道 2.5 seconds / channel

Frame size

W800 * H 600mm (customizable)

Applicable strapping width

12 9 , 12 , 15mm

power supply

220V 50HZ   0.75kw

Machine size

905 * 565 * 730mm

Machine weight


Electrical configuration

“TE” ,日本 “OMRON” “ZIK” 电器,VTV电机,适合常规物体捆包 "TE" in France , "OMRON" in Japan , "ZIK" appliances, VTV motors, suitable for packing conventional objects

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