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ZP97A Portable Electric PP / PET Tape Packer

ZP97A Portable Electric PP / PET Tape Packer

手提电动打包机是 ZAPAK 公司 T321 的更新换代产品,它与 ZP93A 最大的不同在于该机具有更强的束紧力,且对打包带宽的适应力更强。 ZP97A portable electric packer is an updated product of ZAPAK company T321. The biggest difference from ZP93A is that it has a stronger tightening force and more adaptability to packing bandwidth.


1,   Tightening force 400KG

2,   Limited friction welding in a single operation

、专利的无碳刷马达设计,使用寿命为有碳刷马达的数倍之久,大大节约更换马达的费用 3. Patented carbon brushless motor design, the service life is several times longer than the carbon brushed motor, which greatly saves the cost of replacing the motor

18v3000mAh 的高容量锂电池配以 Bosch 充电器 30 分钟即可充满,更有效的提高工作效率。 4 , 18v3000mAh high-capacity lithium battery with Bosch charger can be fully charged in 30 minutes, more effectively improve work efficiency.

、专利的下止滑板设计有助于提高束紧能力。 5. The patented bottom stop slide design helps to improve the tightening ability.

、预先编程的触摸屏幕,满足您的不同操作需求。 6. Pre-programmed touch screen to meet your different operation needs.

、具有自清功能的收紧轮设计,防止异物损伤零件 7. Tightening wheel design with self-cleaning function to prevent foreign objects from damaging parts


Main Specifications:


Tightening force

Applicable material

Applicable bandwidth

Applicable band thickness

Best Packaging Performance

Machine weight

Battery weight




13 -19mm

0.60 -1.35mm

PP: 700

PET: 350



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