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YP700 / 2L compression packaging machine

YP700 / 2L compression packaging machine

YP700 / 2L compression packaging machine is mainly used to pack fluffy items such as down quilts, space cotton quilts, pillows, cushions, clothing, sponges, etc. The principle of compression packaging machines is to reduce the packaging space and volume by compressing, but not Change the appearance of the article, flat and beautiful, moisture-proof and dust-proof, reduce storage and transportation costs. This machine adopts a novel double-station structure design to improve the packaging quality and efficiency, and is an ideal packaging equipment for the home textile industry and foreign trade export industry. (Special specifications can be customized)


Main Specifications:

  • 700mm*10mm Sealing line length: 700mm * 10mm
  • 220V 50Hz Power: 220V 50Hz
  • 1.5KW Power: 1.5KW
  • 0.6Mpa Air source: 0.6Mpa
  • 350mm Original thickness: < 350mm
  • 100~120 / 小时 Packaging capacity: 100 ~ 120 times / hour
  • 1380*965*1800mm Dimensions: 1380 * 965 * 1800mm
  • 400kg Weight: 400kg

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