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DZ600 / 2SX tilting vacuum packaging machine

DZ600 / 2SX tilting vacuum packaging machine

0~90 度可以调整,主要作用是保证真空包装物或包装磨具能垂直放置,物料不会溢出。 The Qingdao Aixun recessed tilting vacuum packaging machine with independent intellectual property rights uses a recessed and inclined design. The tilt angle of the machine can be adjusted from 0 to 90 degrees. The main role is to ensure that the vacuum packaging or packaging abrasive can be placed vertically. The material will not overflow. The tilting vacuum packaging machine is controlled by a computer board, and the system is completely closed. The four-link system adopts imported pressure bearing connection, which effectively solves the problem of side shift of the vacuum chamber. 60 型进口直联式旋片真空泵,极限真空度可达 50pa. Can choose to be equipped with 60 -type imported direct-connected rotary vane vacuum pump, the ultimate vacuum can reach 50pa . There are two styles of the machine's work surface: concave type and flat type.

Main Specifications:

700 610 125mm Vacuum chamber size: 700 610 125mm

600mm 2 Sealing size: 600mm 2

180-300 / 小时 Packaging capacity: 180-300 times / hour

60 立方米 / 小时 Evacuation efficiency: 60 cubic meters / hour

380V Power: 380V    50Hz     2KW

0~90 度可调 Tilt: 0 ~ 90 degrees adjustable

1405 725 920mm Dimensions: 1405 725 920mm

190kg Weight: 190kg

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