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P326 Portable Electric Packer (FROMM, Germany)

P326 Portable Electric Packer (FROMM, Germany)


手提电动打包机是 FROMM 公司 2010 年推出的新品,替代早期上市的 P324 手提电动打包机, P326 打包机主要的特点是加大了电池的容量, 18v3000mA 大容量锂电池充一次电最多可以打 600 余条包装带! P326 portable electric packer is a new product launched by FROMM company in 2010. It replaces the earlier listed P324 portable electric packer. The main feature of P326 packer is to increase the battery capacity. 18v3000mA large capacity lithium battery can charge up to 600 on a single charge. More packing tape!

l           415-8 安全条例 Product complies with EU 415-8 safety regulations

l           18v 锂电池技术 New 18v lithium battery technology

l           600 条包带(依赖于包带的质量和尺寸) High-capacity battery can play a maximum of 600 straps (depending on the quality and size of the strap)

l           Can be operated with one hand

l           Adjustable tension and welding time

l           The width of the applicable strap is 16mm 0.65 With a thickness of 0.65 -1.05mm 43.2262 (Product number: 43.2262 )


Technical indicators:


FROMM手提电动打包机) P326 ( FROMM portable electric baler)



Pull force


Tightening speed

85 -190mm / sec

Bonding method

Friction welding

Adhesive strength

(根据包带的强度而定) 75% (depending on the strength of the strap)

Applicable materials


power supply

18v   锂电池 3000mA lithium battery


L350 x W122 x H 130 mm


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