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STB-70 Portable Electric Packer

STB-70 Portable Electric Packer


手提电动打包机 Strapex 公司新一代手提电动捆扎工具。 Stb-70 portable electric strapping machine is a new generation of portable electric strapping tools from Stratex. stb-63 打包机 的升级版。 It is an upgraded version of stb-63 packer . 打包机采用大容量的锂电池替换掉了原来的镍镉电池,同时配备了电源线可以带电源无限制使用。 The Stb-70 packer replaces the original nickel-cadmium battery with a large-capacity lithium battery, and is equipped with a power cord for unlimited use with power. The drive motor is carbonless and environmentally friendly. In addition, the machine has powerful functions such as automatic detection of fault points and one-click completion. 电动打包机 是一款先进、高效、节能、安全的塑钢带捆扎工具。 Stb-70 electric baler is an advanced, efficient, energy-saving and safe plastic steel strapping tool.

STB-63 的技术上 , 瑞士 Strapex 采用了一套新的已申请专利的自动熔接系统以及先进的马达和电池技术 , 为使用者创造效益 : Based on the proven STB-63 technology , Swiss-based Stratex has adopted a new, patented automatic fusion system and advanced motor and battery technology to create benefits for users :

?      Faster and easier operation   

?      Higher job accuracy

?      Fewer controls

?      Pack more times per charge

?      Ergonomically designed like existing tool series

?      Low maintenance costs

?      STB63/65 工具相像 , 但是 95% 的部件都是新设计的 ! Although the tool looks similar to the STB63 / 65 tool , 95% of the parts are newly designed !

Technical indicators:



Packaging Tape

PP   / PET


9 – 16 mm (3/8 – 5/8 ")

Band thickness


Connection efficiency

75 – 85%

Tightening force range

0 – 2500 N

Tightening speed

220mm / s


3.9 kg

specification x x Length x width x height


type of battery

锂电 Bosch 14.4V 2.6Ah lithium battery

Number of work on one charge



Bosch AL 1860 CV

Charging time

分钟 15-30 minutes

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