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OR-T450 Portable Electric PP / PET Tape Packer

OR-T450 Portable Electric PP / PET Tape Packer


手提电动打包机是瑞士 ORGAPACK 公司第三代手提电动捆扎工具。 OR-T450 portable electric baler is the third generation portable electric strapping tool of Swiss ORGAPACK company. OR-T300 打包机的升级版。 It is an upgraded version of OR-T300 baler . pet 带捆扎机,最大拉力可以达 400kg It is a strong pulling pet strapping machine, the maximum pulling force can reach 400kg . 打包机采用大容量的锂电池替换掉了原来的镍镉电池,同时配备了电源线可以带电源无限制使用。 The OR-T450 packer uses a large-capacity lithium battery to replace the original nickel-cadmium battery, and is equipped with a power cord for unlimited use with power. The drive motor is carbonless and environmentally friendly. In addition, the OR-T450 packer has powerful functions such as automatic detection of failure points and one-click completion. It is an advanced, efficient, energy-saving and safe plastic steel strapping tool.


Technical indicators:


手提电动打包机 OR-T450 portable electric baler




16-19 mm

Band thickness

0.8-1.3 mm

Welding efficiency

75- 85%

Tightening force range

0- 4000 N

Tightening speed

175 mm / s

Machine weight

4.2 kg

specification x x Length x width x height

334x138x148 mm

type of battery

锂电 Bosch 18V 2.6Ah lithium battery

Number of work on one charge



Bosch AL 1860 CV

Charging time

分钟 15-30 minutes

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