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SM06S Small Vertical Cabinet Packer

SM06S Small Vertical Cabinet Packer

Product introduction:

占地面积比较小,占地只有 49*35cm 大的面积。 SM06S small vertical cabinet packer has a relatively small area, covering only a large area of 49 * 35cm . And the appearance is more beautiful, suitable for office business use. ,捆扎速度快、省时省力、接口平整牢固,能提高产品包装外观的档次。 This machine is imported from Japan . It has fast bundling speed, time and labor saving, flat and firm interface, which can improve the grade of product packaging appearance. It is mainly used for the packing and packing of cartons, wooden boxes, paper bags, and cloth bags in the industries of commerce, postal service, railway, banking, food, medicine, books and periodicals, and distribution. 立柜捆扎机 捆紧力度,出带长短都可调,灵活适用于诸多行业捆扎使用。 SM06S vertical cabinet strapping machine with tight strapping strength and adjustable strap length can be flexibly applied to strapping in many industries.
Performance characteristics:

日本进口永磁无刷静音电机 Permanent magnet brushless silent motor imported from Japan

适用 5mm 15mm 超窄、超宽打包带 Applicable from 5mm to 15mm ultra-narrow and ultra-wide packing straps

粘合压力、温度及束紧力均可电子调整,精度优于手动机械调整。 Adhesive pressure, temperature and tightening force can be adjusted electronically, the accuracy is better than manual mechanical adjustment.

瞬间加热,无需预热:打开电源后 5 秒钟即可开始捆包作业 Instantaneous heating without pre-heating: 5 seconds after turning on the power, the packing operation can be started

无待机时间,节能型设备,最大功率只有 0.2kw No standby time, energy-saving equipment, the maximum power is only 0.2kw

Electronically adjustable tightening force Cooling time adjustable Motor


Technical indicators:



Strapping force


Strapping speed

/ 0.5 seconds / channel

Machine belt width


Machine belt thickness

0.4 ~ 1.3mm

Power supply

110V, 220-240V / 50-60Hz

Power consumption


Machine size

490 350 800mm

Machine weight


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