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SM06H Luxury High Platform Semi-Automatic Baler

SM06H Luxury High Platform Semi-Automatic Baler

Product introduction:

中质量较好的产品之一,该机配备两个电机,一个送带电机,一个退带电机,充分保证了打包机的使用寿命。 The SM06H luxury high-stage semi-automatic baler is one of the better quality products in the semi-automatic baler . The machine is equipped with two motors, a belt feeding motor and a belt withdrawal motor, which fully ensure the life of the baler. 5 秒即可进行捆包作业,无需预热,适用各种规格 pp 带,被各行各业广泛使用。 This machine adopts the instantaneous heating principle. Packing operation can be performed within 5 seconds after the machine is turned on without preheating. It is suitable for various specifications of pp belts and is widely used in various industries.

Performance characteristics:

双电机结构,性能更稳定,故障率更低 Double motor structure, more stable performance and lower failure rate

自适应带厚,可适用于不同规格打包带 Adaptive belt thickness, suitable for different specifications

机器运行无噪音、节能 No noise and energy saving during machine operation

粘合压力、温度及束紧力均可电子调整,精度优于手动机械调整 Adhesive pressure, temperature and tightening force can be adjusted electronically, the accuracy is better than manual mechanical adjustment

流线型外观,做工精细大方 Streamlined appearance, fine and elegant workmanship

适用 Applicable 5mm 15mm Ultra-narrow, ultra-wide strapping

Continuously adjustable beam tension force Advanced pendulum structure DC dual motor

Technical Parameters:



Strapping force


Strapping speed

秒/道 2.5 seconds / channel

Applicable strapping width

12 9 , 12 15mm

power supply

110 / 220V 50 / 60HZ . Simplex



Machine size

750 * 550 * 750mm

Machine weight



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