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KZ-2T Portable Hot Melt Packer

KZ-2T Portable Hot Melt Packer

: Features :

l           手提热熔打包机采用电子控温,灵敏度高,节能效果好, 8 小时连续工作,耗电一度以下。 KZ-2T portable hot-melt strapping machine adopts electronic temperature control, high sensitivity, good energy saving effect, continuous working for 8 hours, power consumption below one degree.

l           手提电动热熔 打包机 使用轻快,采用切带、热合瞬间同步技术,不用铁扣,不需拿夹钳扣带打包,粘合力强,包件美观。 KZ-2T portable electric hot-melt strapping machine is light and fast. It adopts the technology of instantaneous synchronization of cutting and heat-sealing. It does not need iron buckle and does not need clamp belt to pack.

l           This machine not only has the effect of electrofusion bonding of the expensive automatic strapping machine, but also solves the laborious and time-consuming drawbacks of iron buckle strapping with pliers.

l           打包带 质量无要求,它适用于机用塑带也可适用于手用塑带,捆包节约成本,它适用的塑带厚度 0.7 The hot-melt baler has no requirements on the quality of the strap . It is suitable for machine-made plastic straps as well as hand-made plastic straps. It saves costs when packing. It is suitable for the thickness of plastic straps 0.7 1.8mm 12 , Width 12 16mm 视带质优劣粘合抗拉力:手用塑带为 15 The quality of the video tape is good. The tensile strength of the adhesive tape is 15 40kg 40 Machine plastic belt is 40 120kg .

l           3 斤,可手提在任何场地使用,特别对不能随便摆弄的任何形状的包体,可随地进行捆扎包装。 This hot-melt baler is exquisite and lightweight, weighs less than 3 pounds, and can be used in any place by hand. Especially for any shape of the package body that cannot be manipulated randomly, it can be bundled and packed anywhere. (Such as large, irregular items of furniture)

  Technical indicators:

pp 带宽度: 12~ Suitable for pp belt width: 12 ~ 16mm

pp 带厚度: 0.7~1.8 Suitable for pp belt thickness: 0.7 ~ 1.8

Maximum tightening force: 40kg

220v/50Hz Power: 220v / 50Hz

120w 重量: Power: 120w Weight: 3kg

For more detailed introduction, please refer to our official blog: "KZ-2T Portable Hot Melt Packer Instructions"

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