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VS-600 Economical Vacuum Pumping Machine

VS-600 Economical Vacuum Pumping Machine

Product description

VS-600 外抽式真空包装机 是在借鉴韩国机型的基础上进行研制改造的一款实用型产品。 This VS-600 external pumping vacuum packaging machine is a practical product developed on the basis of learning from Korean models. The shell is made of carbon steel and has strong anti-corrosion ability. The machine is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer and integrates multiple functions of vacuum, sealing and inflation. The sealing adopts air pressure, which completely changes the phenomenon that the traditional packaging is not tightly sealed. 2-3 秒即可完成。 The vacuum speed is very fast and can be completed in only 2-3 seconds. Not limited by the shape and size of the product, vacuum-packing can be performed on particularly large or strange-shaped objects.

VS-600 外抽真空包装机 适用于电子产品 , 如半导体,晶片,IC等,布料,棉羊毛制品,海绵等,进行真空包装,降低包装体积,节省您的物流成本,针对食品,蔬菜,海鲜,电子等产品充入氮气或其他气体,保持新鲜,原味,并可防撞击,整机性能稳定 , 是电子厂、线路板厂、五金厂及玩具厂等的真空优选设备。 The VS-600 external vacuum packaging machine is suitable for electronic products , such as semiconductors, wafers, ICs, fabrics, cotton wool products, sponges, etc., for vacuum packaging, reducing packaging volume, saving your logistics costs, for food, vegetables, Seafood, electronics, and other products are filled with nitrogen or other gases to maintain freshness, original flavor, and anti-impact. The overall performance is stable . It is the preferred vacuum equipment for electronics factories, circuit board factories, hardware factories and toy factories.

Special specifications can be customized according to requirements.

Second, the main advantages

Computer board control, membrane buttons

Brand Vacuum Pump

AIRTAC 气缸 Taiwan AIRTAC cylinder

Third, the technical indicators:

type       VS-600 Number: VS-600

(mm) 600 Maximum sealing size (mm) : 600

(mm) L 不限 W600 H 不限 Maximum package size (mm) : L unlimited W600 H unlimited

/ 分钟): 3~10 Packaging capacity (times / minute): 3 ~ 10

0.4~0.6Mpa Air source pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.6Mpa

(V) :单相三线制 220V 50Hz Power supply voltage (V) : single-phase three-wire system 220V 50Hz

(Kw) 1.3KW Total power (Kw) : 1.3KW

200Pa Ultimate vacuum: 200Pa

(mm) L670 W460 H1050 Overall dimensions (mm) : L670 W460 H1050

(kg) Weight (kg) : 80kg

/ 充气 / 封口 Mode: Vacuum / Inflatable / Sealing

Fourth, optional functions

Extended sealing line



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