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VS-450 Desktop Vacuum Pumping Machine

VS-450 Desktop Vacuum Pumping Machine

Product description

外抽式真空包装机 ,里面采用国外进口的特殊真空发生系统和排气装置,需要气源。 Desktop type external vacuum packaging machine , which uses a special vacuum generation system and exhaust device imported from abroad, which requires an air source. Its advantages are long life, low failure rate, no blockage due to impurities in the air, no noise, etc. It is especially suitable for use in places with high air cleanliness, such as purification of electronics (semiconductor, circuit board, electronic finished products, etc.), food, medicine, and other industries; and vacuum packaging of metal processing parts to prevent moisture , Anti-oxidation and discoloration; It can also be used for vacuum packaging of fabrics, cotton and wool products to reduce the packaging volume and save logistics costs. Can increase the inflatable function, special specifications can be customized.

外抽真空包装机 为各种复合薄膜如聚脂 / 聚乙烯、尼龙 / 聚丙烯、聚丙烯 / 聚乙烯、聚脂 / 铝箔 / 聚乙烯、尼龙 / 铝箔 / 聚乙烯等复合材料。 The desktop type external vacuum packaging machine is various composite films such as polyester / polyethylene, nylon / polypropylene, polypropylene / polyethylene, polyester / aluminum foil / polyethylene, nylon / aluminum foil / polyethylene and other composite materials.

Second, the main advantages

Computer board control, membrane buttons

Noiseless vacuum generator

AIRTAC 气缸 Taiwan AIRTAC cylinder

Third, the technical indicators:

type       VS-450 Number: VS-450

(mm) L450*W5 10mm Maximum sealing size (mm) : L450 * W5 10mm

(V) :单相三线制 220V 50Hz Power supply voltage (V) : single-phase three-wire system 220V 50Hz

3~10 (次 / 分) Packing capacity: 3 ~ 10 (times / minute)

0.4~0.6Mpa Air source pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.6Mpa

(Kw) 0.6KW Total power (Kw) : 0.6KW

(mm) L520 W400 H480 Overall dimensions (mm) : L520 W400 H480

(mm) 250 Operating table size (mm) : 250 350mm

(kg) Weight (kg) : 30kg

/ 充气 / 封口 Mode: Vacuum / Inflatable / Sealing

Fourth, optional functions

Extended sealing line


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